And the Winners of Silver Are: SilverRain, Briana, Lorin, and Daniel (Bonus for Michemile)

Thanks to over 50 of you (including some on another blog + email) for your responses to my previous post seeking input on cover design. As stated, at least one silver coin will be awarded. Given the response, I chose to award two silver dollars to two randomly selected people from the list. Toward that end, I went to the most attractive statistician I know (a woman who has a M.Sc. in statistics from BYU and shares my last name, coincidentally) and asked her to pick two random numbers to select the winners of the silver dollars. This resulted in selection of DANIEL and LORIN. Please contact me at jeff @ to confirm identity and shipping address. You can choose between a Morgan silver dollar or a Peace silver dollar, whichever you like best. Will be a regular circulated coin, not a rate date, but with solid value.

I gained a lot from all of the comments, and the ones that put some thought and verbiage into their remarks were all excellent. The award for content was a very difficult choice. In the end, the one I selected to award with the bonus silver eagle is SilverRain. SilverRain, could you also contact me at jeff at for details on how to get your coin to you? Silver eagles are beautiful 1-ounce uncirculated coins minted by the US Treasury since 1987. I think they are one of the most beautiful coins of all time.

And on further reflection, I am awarding a silver eagle as well to Briana. Congratulations!

A bonus silver half-dollar goes to Michemily for being first and for raising the interesting Mormonad theme (not that I necessarily agree, but it was interesting!). Send me an address and I’ll mail it to you. Your choice of Kennedy, Frankling, or Walking Liberty – all 90% silver.

For all lucky winners, addresses will not be used for any other purpose – your privacy will be respected. But if you’d rather not, let me know and I’ll pick someone else for the prize.

You guys are good! I may try this again. So, should I get Nike or Adidas . . . aw, never mind.

Thanks for helping!!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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