The 1826 “Trial” of Joseh Smith

I have updated my Mormon Answers page on LDS prophets to include an additional resource dealing with anti-Mormon attacks based on the 1826 “trial” of Joseph Smith, where Joseph Smith was supposedly found guilty of dabbling in the occult, according to the critics. The resource is Russell Anderson’s article on the 1826 trial at, which was presented at the 2002 FAIR Conference. I appreciate his attention to detail in exploring the various documents that pertain to the 1826 hearing (it was not actually a trial) and in examining the culture of Joseph’s day.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “The 1826 “Trial” of Joseh Smith

  1. I know this is rather old, but for those interested in this topic, I found two other very well-written discussions of the 1826 “Trial:” 1 and 2.

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