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Preparing for War: The Folly of Trust

Some of my more painful experiences in life have come from trusting people in authority, ranging from the promises of a business to the assurances of a medical authority or other persons I respected. While I continue to be an optimistic and trusting person, I increasingly recognize the reality that people often cannot be trusted, especially when there is an opportunity for personal gain at the expense of their personal integrity. I’ve also learned that there are red flags¬† I should have heeded more in my life, such as the words “you’ll just have to trust me” when claiming that an agreement could not yet be put in writing…. Can we trust what we are being told about Ukraine?

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17 Miracles: A Film About More Than Just a Handcart Company

While visiting family in Salt Lake City yesterday, I was able to view the film 17 Miracles. First, the camera work was outstanding as was the acting and directing, IMHO….

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