“Pumped About the Gospel”: A Convert’s Story

I have permission from a new convert in the South to share this description of her conversion. Her conversion, as with so many others, involved a combination of intellectual effort and faithful prayer, followed by the joy that the fulness of the Gospel brings.

My husband and I were baptized together June of 2005. . . . Of course we are enjoying it! It is the best thing that has ever happened to us!! So do you want to know how we found the church? Well actually the church found us. We were at a friend’s house for their little girls’ party and while at the party two missionaries came to their door. No one would open the door, so I did. It was rainy and cold that day and they were shivering, but there was something about them. It was like they had this light in their eyes, there was a kindness and warmth about them, so I invited them to my house that following week. They began to teach me, and a couple weeks later my husband joined in our discussions. Everything they taught me made so much sense, especially families being together forever. It was so hard for me though, because even though everything clicked, I had my parents’ words ringing in the back of my head that Mormons were all going to hell. So I tried to logically figure everything out, and I was so torn, so I ended up doing what the missionaries had been asking me to do all along. I got on my knees and prayed and poured out my heart to the Lord. I of course received my answer. The moment I asked my heart became whole, all my sadness and confusion was gone. This past December my husband myself and my two children were sealed together for time and all eternity! I’m so pumped about the gospel!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. My Uncle is the first convert to the Church in my family. He was a southern baptist minister. While in school (seminary), he undertook a serious study of the New Testament. In the process, he became dissatisfied with some of his Church’s doctrines. He couldn’t reconcile some of the doctrines he had to taught with scripture. He quietly stopped preaching full time and began to teach history at High School. One of his students was LDS, and in response to a missionary challenge, he recommended my Uncle to the missionaries. They sought him out, he at first reluctantly listened, but quickly discovered they had the answers to his questions that mad him dissatisfied with the Southern Baptists. He and his wife joined the Church.

    A few months later my father and mother were visiting my Uncle. He spent most of the night telling my dad about “Mormonism” and everything he knew about it. My parents intensely investigated the Church for the next two and a half years after which (through divine intervention, a true miracle) they were baptized.

    Yes, the intellect can play an important part in conversion. The Lord has asked that we worship him with all our might, mind, heart, soul, and strength. I’m glad the gospel makes sense. Much like my parents, I have intensely investigated the Church and I only become more and more and more satisfied with time that it is 100% true and a marvelous work and a wonder.

  2. I am a very practical person. There have been many times that I have had logical experiences connecting the dots of the Gospel. But it has always been by the witness of Spirit that I have rested my testimony.

    I am so glad that this person has done the same and found joy in the Gospel.

  3. Isn’t it amazing the different ways the gospel comes into our lives?
    I’m all too familiar with the “Mormons are going to hell” notion. I lived most of my years in the South– Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas–it’s the “evangelical/Baptist” epicenter, where this notion is so frequently taught from sanctuary pulpits.
    There are many who have had this struggle with family members when joining the Church. It’s a heartbreaking and difficult thing to go through. And in ways, your parents feelings of betrayal and sometimes even anger are understandable. We need to have some compassion toward them and THEIR heartache. Because of what they’ve been wrongly taught, they believe their precious daughter has joined forces with evil, has betrayed not only THEM, but God, and is now going to hell.
    The best you can do is just continue to love them and pray unceasingly for your parents’ hearts to soften. That they will feel the Savior’s love FOR YOU.
    Be sure to continue to show respect for your parents and their faith. Surely, they raised you well, with a belief in God and His Son Jesus Christ. The only difference, is that now you have an even greater understanding of who God is, who the Savior is. You know more of their nature, that they have physical, though perfected, glorified bodies. You know MORE about the Savior’s teachings, his gospel and the Father’s plan for individuals, for families, etc.
    As you continue to grow in the gospel and yet continue to show respect to your parents, seek their counsel in things, show an increase of love and appreciation for them and the foundational faith they gave you, and as you become more and more Christlike yourself – hopefully, they will SEE and be WITNESSES of the “mighty change of heart” that you’ve had. Hopefully, they will see the light of Christ in you and how the restored gospel has BLESSED you and made you BETTER, not cursed you and damned you.
    As you increase in wisdom, strength and testimony, the Lord’s countenance will shine more brilliantly through you. Just continue to pray that your parents will eventually be able to SEE that.
    Blesssings to you, Sister!!!

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