President Monson Reminds Me of My Wife

Here in Shanghai our branch got to view General Conference this weekend, along with the reast of eastern Asia. What a delight!

While listening to President Monson’s powerful sermon in Priesthood session last night, I marveled at the breadth of experiences he has had and at what a gem this human being is. He is so right for the Church at this time. Such an amazing and charming person. I said to myself, “We are so lucky that such a person even exists, and he is ours!” That’s a familiar sentiment for me, though most often directed toward my wife. I simply can’t believe how lucky I am to have her in my life, and I can say something similar about President Monson. I think we can all say that. We’re just so lucky to have such a man in our lives. One of the finest examples of true Christianity anywhere in this mortal realm.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “President Monson Reminds Me of My Wife

  1. Tim's inappropriate off-topic comment with link to an anti-Mormon site has been delete, per my standard rules. But he raised a question that I'll address in my latest post on the issue of Lucifer and Satan.

  2. I respectfully request further insight on this post by saying: How can you say, blindly, that Pres. Monson is an example of "true Christianity" when Christianity is not measured in public speeches but demonstrated in day-to-day living? How do you know these things about him, or are you just taking his word?

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