Join Me Sunday Night on K-Talk Radio (AM 630 in Salt Lake City and on the Internet)

Due to a rash of alien abductions resulting in a shortage of qualified or interesting guests, I’ve been asked to participate in a two-hour LDS radio program for Utah’s favorite talk radio station, K-Talk (AM 630). The program starts at 5 PM Mountain Time this Sunday, May 25. I’ll be calling in from beautiful Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s Van Hale’s program, but he’s out of town and Don Ormsby will be running the show and the interview with me.

Wish me luck. You know I need it!! It’s even easier to put your foot in your mouth on the radio than it is on the blogosphere. Apologies in advance to my fellow Latter-day Saints.

If you’re not in Salt Lake, you can listen to the program live through the K-Talk Web site. Here’s the email notice sent out by Van Hale about the show:

Mormon Miscellaneous World-Wide Talk Show
Date: Sunday, 25 May 2008
Subject: Mormon Apologetics on the Internet

I will be in Sacramento at the Mormon History Association Convention. I am pleased that a long time friend and frequent participant on the Talk Show will be my guest host this Sunday. He will have Jeff Lindsay as his guest. Jeff has been operating a website which addresses many issues raised by detractors and critics of the Mormon faith.

Participation: All points of view are welcomed and encouraged. I invite your participation by sending questions, comments and response via email at any time during the week. I will read your email and give comment during an upcoming program. Also, you may participate in each discussion, live, by sending email to me during my weekly talk shows. Send your email to: Or, you may participate live by phone during my talk show by calling:

Salt Lake Call-in Number: 254-5855.
Outside of Salt Lake Number: 801-254-5855.

E-Store: I have a number of articles on Mormon history and doctrine available at my E-Store at:
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm MST
Host: Van Hale
Radio Station: KTKK 630 AM, Salt Lake City
Live Internet Streaming Audio can be accessed at: or mms://

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Death of Joseph Smith & Miscellaneous Topics
LDS Church Political Policy
Strange Elements of the Old Testament
God and Omniscience; Priesthood and Succession
God’s Omniscience: Diversity of Mormon Views
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Development of Joseph Smith’s Concept of God
Brigham Young’s View of Adam as God
Is the God of Mormonism the God of the Bible?
Defining Mormon Concepts of Deity
God as a Close Personal Father
Mormon Fundamentalism
Encounter with
Personal Statement: Response to an ExMormon Critic
John D. Lee Lead Scroll, Another Forgery?
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Research Notes
History with an LDS Historian
Resurrecting the Spalding Theory
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The Romneys and Mormon Offshoots with Newell Bringhurst
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Polygamy Discussion with Author, Carmon Hardy
Joseph Smith’s Controversial King Follett Discourse
Open Forum
The Alleged Oath of Vengeance
Bits and Pieces: Darwinism, First Vision, Book of Mormon Historicity
Approaches to the Old Testament with author, Val Greenwood
Mountain Meadows Massacre 2: Discussion with author, Bob Crockett
Mountain Meadows Massacre 1: Discussion with author, Will Bagley
First Vision Accounts 2
First Vision Accounts 1
Mormon History with Mormon History Association President, Ron Esplin
The PBS 4 Hour Special “The Mormons:” Comments & Discussion
“The Mormons” by Helen Whitney: Interview
Polygamy: Some Statistics and Some Speculations
Anti-Mormon vs Mormon
LDS Views on God as the Father of Spirits
Diversity in the New Testament
Prophecy: Scenarios of the End Times
Doctrinal Statements of the First Presidency
Joseph Smith Denies Perfection, Infallibility & Omniscience
Exploring the Mind of Joseph Smith on Diversity Among the Saints
New Testament Translations for LDS Consideration
New Testament Myths
Was Jesus Married?
Mormon Doctrine: Mandatory and Forbidden
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1 June Curt Bench will be my guest. He is an expert on Mormon related publications. He is the owner of Benchmark Books which buys and sells books from Mormonisms past and present.

8 June my guest will be Max Parkin, historian. We will discuss events in Kirtland in the mid 1830s focusing on his research on a significant enterprise – United Firm.

22 June my guests will be Craig Foster and Newell Bringhurst to discuss the publication of their new book – The Mormon Quest for Presidency.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Join Me Sunday Night on K-Talk Radio (AM 630 in Salt Lake City and on the Internet)

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I thought that I would also let you know that I will be listening in new-school style, streaming online. It will be interesting to listen to your voice and combine it with your pictures and writing style. Good luck


    P.S. I am engaged to an awesome girl.

  2. I just finished listening. I didn’t hear the whole thing, but got parts of it.

    Good job, Jeff.

    The phone connection didn’t seem very clear. Maybe next time they can have their remote guests use Skype or other VOIP based connection to improve audio quality with the remote guest.

    I realize the shows “local callers” are coming in over a phone line, but the main guest probably ought to have something better.

    You carried off your end quite well, IMO.

    Glenn Beck should have you as a guest when he does Mormon-related stuff. You sounded professional and level-headed.

  3. Just finished listening to the show. I was at a meeting and didn’t get to listen in until a caller named Randy called in– around 7:30 or so, I guess. I wish that the callers who followed him hadn’t called just to make observations or respond to Randy’s call!! I was really hoping to hear different questions and your answers!
    I understand their frustration though. I was sitting here talking to my speakers–“Hello!! Randy! He DID answer your question. He said that he can’t name an archeaologist who isn’t LDS who can PROVE that the BOM is true.” But he kept acting as thought you didn’t answer him.
    The thing is, and I think anyone listening could tell… as was suggested, if a non-LDS archeaologist discovered that the BOM is a true record and COULD prove it’s factual history, then that person would probably end up joining the church, and then Randy would dismiss them since they’re *now* LDS. So what’s the point of asking the question??
    Anyway, I wish I could hdave heard the whole show, but from what I DID hear, I thought you did a great job.

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