Eat Meat Sparingly: Major New Study Links Red Meat with Cancer

As reported at, a major new study by the American Cancer Society found that red meat is strongly associated with colon or rectal cancer. The study tracked 150,000 people in the US over a 10-year period. The people were grouped into three categories. The high red mean category had a 40% higher incidence of colorectal cancer. Those in the high risk group averaged 55-85 grams of red meat a day, roughly equivalent to one average hamburger (less than a quarter-pounder).

The reference for the study itself is A. Chao et al., Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 293, pp. 172 – 182 (2004).

Mormons and all people, actually, would do well to take the revealed Word of Wisdom seriously. The recommendation to “eat meat sparingly” may be important to your health. There is more to living the Word of Wisdom than just avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

It’s time to add a little more wisdom to our lives.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Eat Meat Sparingly: Major New Study Links Red Meat with Cancer

  1. Every time the WofW comes up in a discussion I try to ask the teacher or others in class about the meat thing. My reading of the WofW is that at most, we should eat meat sparingly, and spare the poor critters and do ourselves a favor while we’re at it. And what about the “except in times of famine and winter”, or whatever it says? Clear this up for me. Isn’t what’s said is that we should avoid meat, except when it’s cold, or we’re in pretty dire situations, and then eat it sparingly? (I need to reread it.) But you know, most people will disregard this thing about meat, and concentrate on the tobacco or whatever. And you know what else kind of gets me? It’s the interpretation on hot drinks. “Interpreted as coffee and tea.” Well, hold on now. I’ve spent some time over in China and I understand there are many kinds of tea. If we’re going to interpret, let’s interpret a little more favorably toward the teas that are actually good for you. (Or maybe we should just keep all of this to individual interpretation?) And then while were at all of this, how about that fruit fly study?

  2. The meat thing is good advice and shouldn’t be ignored, but I think it worth remembering that meat is not addictive in the same way coffee, tea, or tobacco are. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the addictive substances were the ones later upgraded to “commandment” status, while the other WOW items have remained in the original “recommended” state.

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