When the Lord Points, Look–Or, The Value of Lifting a Finger to Help

While driving out of Zion’s National Park last week, a man was parked at the side of the road. He didn’t even look at us as we drove by, but did make a simple gesture with his hand to point to something. All he did for me was to literally lift a finger for a second or two. That was enough to call my attention to something barely visibly from the road: a bighorn sheep goat. By the time I turned by head and realized what was there, we had driven through a tunnel. I was sure the animal goat would be gone by the time we could turn around and go back, but it was worth trying anyway, I figured. So we turned around and parked at the side of the road. The stranger was nowhere to be seen (is this how those three Nephite stories get started?), probably because he had driven away in his terrestial Ford pickup truck rather than vanishing into celestial strands of the space-time fabric.

Were we too late? No, we spotted a bighorn sheep’s goat’s head in the distance. Then another. And then they came into view more clearly. Wonderful! For about 5 minutes we feasted on wild sheep goat–visually. What a blessing.

Sometimes all it takes for us to be kind and helpful is to literally lift a finger, pointing out an opportunity to a passerby. Sometimes that’s all the Lord needs to do for us, if we’ll turn around and look at the blessing waiting to come into view.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

11 thoughts on “When the Lord Points, Look–Or, The Value of Lifting a Finger to Help

  1. Nice, Jeff! You have been lifting many fingers – or ten, many times – to help your readers. Thank, you very much.

  2. P.S. As you know, we don't always tell you when something you do benefits us but when you show appreciation for what a single finger can do, I feel to show appreciation the so much more that you do. In other words, few readers' comments do not equate to little value.

  3. Jeff, that's a desert bighorn sheep, close cousin of the Rocky Mountain bighorn.

    Anonymous, mountain lions look like cats and eat sheep and goats, if they can get to them.

    In any case, that's a lucky shot, congrats.

  4. Anon, yes, I think so. Mountain lions are like big cats, so I should sneeze when they are around and find their snooty attitude irritating, exacerbated by their larger fangs and claws. Goats just annoy me. Big bighorn sheep, now they're adorable!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Just beautiful. Sometime soon we need to go yo the Wolf river. I know where there is a egret nest you could take pictures.

  6. At first when you said the stranger lifted a finger I thought you were going to talk about a bad gesture!

    I liked your analogy though as well as the pics. I love Zions Park. There's some great hikes around there.

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