What Have They Done to Salt Lake? Nicer Than Ever!

I’m amazed at how nice downtown Salt Lake City has become. For the past several days, I’ve been attending a convention with 4,000 chemical engineers at the Salt Palace Convention Center. What a beautiful and spacious facility, and what a wonderful, clean, and safe environment has been created in this downtown area. People from the East and West Coasts have been impressed with the area and the low prices. The city is just beautiful. Thanks, Salt Lake.

Among the fine restaurants in this area, close to the Temple, I’ll gladly recommend Lamb’s Cafe Grill, where great food at low prices can be found in Utah’s oldest restaurant. Our waiter, Tony, was perhaps the best waiter I’ve ever met. I asked to have him assigned to a group dinner I’m leading later tonight.

And in spite of my normal aversion to hamburgers, I walked into a burger joint since I only had a few minutes before a meeting, and was wowed. Acme Burger on 2nd West and 3rd South has the best veggie burger I’ve ever tasted. In addition to a fabulous three-bean patty, the artichoke hearts, goat cheese, and marinated partly sun-dried tomatoes on top inside the whole-grain bun was just spectacular, as was the curried acorn squash bisque. Fun!

OK, this isn’t a very religious post, but I’d like to congratulate Salt Lake City for creating such a good experience for so many visitors this week.

Aftermath – Nov. 9: My group dinner at Lamb’s Cafe Grill was wonderful. We had 21 fascinating people in my group from several nations, a wonderfully diverse mix, united by their interest in Forest and Plant Bioproducts (the pending name of the current Forest Products Division of AIChE that I chair). Service, food, and ambiance were just right as we ate and talked in the private room we had.

Also tried tapas at Martine’s for a Management Division dinner – very nice. And I took a friend back to Acme Burger and tried the amazing salmon burger while he enoyed the ostrich burger. I had a taste of that too – a pleasant surprise.

And I must mention how pleased I was at Buca di Beppo, also at the corner of 3rd South and 2nd West. Very impressive family-style Italian food, the way real Italians from the Midwest eat. (Started in Minneapolis – glad it’s reached Utah.) I was surprised to find that it’s a publicly traded stock (NASDAQ: BUCA). If you’ve been invested in it for very long, my condolences, but I love the food and hope it picks up. Time to buy? Naw, I’m sticking with my favorites: precious metals companies like Silver Standard Resources (SSRI), Endeavour Silver (EXK), Kinross Gold (KGC), and Yamana Gold (AUY); General Molybdenum (GMO), Canroys like AAV and PGH, refiners (FTO and MRO), biotech/pharm companies like Celgene (CELG) and Sangamo Biosciences (SGMO – love the zinc finger protein platform for turning DNA on and off!), and uranium (DNN – a company with major Utah operations). And a touch of alternative energy stocks like BLDP and ESLR. Whoa, what a tangent. Sorry about that.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

14 thoughts on “What Have They Done to Salt Lake? Nicer Than Ever!

  1. The menu of what you ate at the hamburger place sounds like a nightmare at halloween.

    I must admit that the curried squash sounds very good though. Let’s make some when you get home.


  2. We live 300 miles away in southern Utah, but Lamb’s is always on the agenda when we have to go north. Great food, great ambience.


  3. I’m a non Mormon trying to do some research on the practice of retro-active baptism. I can’t find anything that explains its who/what/ and most importantly whys to my satisfaction. Curiosity is killing me. Have you ever written on the subject, or do you know where I can find somebody who has?

  4. I’ve never heard it called retroactive baptism. I guess it just goes to show you how important it is to call things by their right names. Kind of like going to a Catholic blog and asking for information about the “cannibalistic communion” instead of transubstantiation.

  5. Anonymous–

    Putting the words “cannibalistic communion” and Catholic in the same sentence is highly offensive. Are you LDS?


  6. Semantics guys. I wasn’t trying to start anything silly. Thanks for the tips Jeff, and the correction. And lighten up people.

  7. Mr. Smith is simply doing some research. Let’s not jump on him because he isn’t familiar with the vernacular. Not everyone is a troll looking for a good bash.

    Huntley, just don’t accuse us of practicing some weird necrophilia in regards to baptism for the dead, and we’ll all be good. 😉

  8. Thanks, Huntley. Let me know if there are some specific questions – the group here often has some good insights, in spite of our occasional missteps.

    For those not familiar with it, it’s got to be one of the strangest sounding things about Mormonism. But for me, it’s one of the coolest things, when you think about it.

    Best wishes!

  9. Next time you’re in SLC and looking for great Mexican food you should try Su Casa on 5th E and 3rd S. I’m a student at BYU, originally from Arizona, and I often travel to Salt Lake solely to go to that restaurant.

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