A Tip on Managing Your Household

A certain young married relative of mine told me last night about some serious progress they have made in their home thanks to a tip she got in Relief Society: OrganizedHome.com. This site helped them figure out ways to manage their household better with the very limited time they have, and even led to enhanced harmony (better planning can lead to less stress, fewer unpleasant surprises). The household notebook concept was especially helpful, as were some of the tips on organizing chores.

Another tip is to explore the resources at ProvidentLiving.org, the LDS Website. The section on resource management looks especially helpful. Young people, let me put in a plug for saving: instead of going out for a $50 dinner, try something cheaper and put $30 into savings. Saving small amounts regularly now can lead to great rewards in the future, but it requires a habit of financial discipline that needs to be developed now. Look to the future and plan ahead.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “A Tip on Managing Your Household

  1. Thanks for the mention, Jeff! Although I’m not LDS, friends in that community are a great resource for information about food storage and menu planning.

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