St. Louis: Exciting LDS Events in 2005

In Chicago recently I met a Stake President from St. Louis, David Sylvester, who is chair of a committee planning a series of exciting events next year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the St. Louis Stake (I hope I’ve got that right). It was the largest stake east of the Rockies for a while time and played an important role as a temporary stake for thousands of Mormons moving west to Utah. The Church in St. Louis is collaborating with the community leaders and even the Arch to plan events such as a big musical. I look forward to more information, and am hoping to go down to St. Louis a time or two to take part in the excitement and learn more about that great city.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “St. Louis: Exciting LDS Events in 2005

  1. Really? You met Dave? He’s my SP! This really hits home for me. They must not have announced it yet, at least not in my ward. But I look forward to possibly being a part of it. Cool.
    I couldn’t tell you all of the particulars, though, as I am not knowledgeabe in that area. There’s a St. Louis Stake, but it’s more towards North and West County (I believe). The St. Louis South Stake (my stake) comprises more of the actual city of St. Louis. As a matter of fact, the St. Lou So Stk just last year celebrated our 25th year in our current building.
    St. Louis is a great city. I think you’ll really enjoy your time here if you get to come next year. Be sure you check out Ted Drewes ice cream and attend the temple.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Tell him hello from me when you see him, and please let us know anything you learn about the plans for next year. I would like to help publicize them.

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