The Scarlet Mormon Butterfly?

Any of you familiar with the Scarlet Mormon Butterfly? I just noticed this on a beautiful photo blog from Marcus Taylor, whom I knew as an outstanding young man way back when I was in the Tucker Ward of Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone know the story?

Kudos, Marcus! Nice photo blog!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “The Scarlet Mormon Butterfly?

  1. If this butterfly is one of the Papilio Polyte species (also known as the Common Mormon), then the name derives from the butterfly’s mating practices, since the male had three different female “wives.”

    Looks like we need to launch our PR campaign in the animal kingdom as well…

  2. Thanks for the complement Jeff.

    The Scarlet Mormon is related to the Common Mormon, but is a different species: Papilio rumanzovia. From what I could find on the web the name is related to polygamy, but I couldn’t find a good explanation. Thanks russell for clearing it up.

  3. I have a common mormon butterfly mounted in my office. I bought a scarlet mormon for myself for Christmas. When I opened it on Christmas morning, my 4-year old daughter said, “I’m going to name it. It’s name is Christmas. If you name a butterfly, then it’s yours.” The butterfly is now mounted in her room.

  4. I’m actually honored to have such a beautiful creature given that name (though of course LDS would be better). Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures, and I think it’s a great symbol for the change one goes through when one is converted.

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