Quick Picks from FAIRLDS.org

Two recent articles from FAIRLDS.org that I’d like to recommend:

  • Is God Only a Spirit?” by John Tvedtnes – showing that John 4:24 (“God is a spirit . . .”) provides no reason to believe that God does not have a body, based on scriptural evidence from the writings of John and others that give insight into the real meaning of that often-quoted passage.
  • Did Brigham Young Say that He Would Kill an Adulterous Wife with a Javelin?” by Mike Parker – an essay that pokes holes in a favorite little attack of anti-Mormons. He was not advocating or trying to implement “blood atonement.”

There is also an interesting discussion on the FAIRLDS message boards of a newly noted parallel between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Old Testament, the “three-four” pattern. This ancient pattern was noted by Israeli scholar Yair Zakovitch in a 1977 publication. Understanding it sheds insight into several items in the Book of Mormon – consistent with the hypothesis that the Book of Mormon has an ancient origin.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Quick Picks from FAIRLDS.org

  1. The second link with the response to Brigham’s alleged blood atonement statement doesn’t direct to that article. It directs to “Is god Only a Spirit?”

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