Provident Living: Food Storage – One More Reason

The prophetic call in our day for members of the Church (and all people, really) to maintain food storage and be prepared for emergencies is sounding wiser all the time. The Church offers information about food storage and emergency preparedness at its Provident Living site. In addition to the great reasons offered there for this inspired program, let me also point out that modern terrorism offers another motivation. There is real risk that serious terrorist attacks may happen in this and many other countries. If a major hub of the economy were disrupted, many thousands of jobs could be lost. In fact, that’s happening already, thanks to outsourcing and the heavy tax burdens imposed on our nation and a host of other factors. A year’s supply of food and healthy savings are needed more than ever in today’s job market, even without the threat of terrorist attacks making everything worse.

But we must not ignore the terror threat. With our porous borders, it is a trivial matter to walk into the country carrying weapons of terror. One former US official is warning people to prepare diligently now for the possibility of a very serious attack, calling upon us to have reserves of food and water, for example. I would like to think that it could never happen here and not worry. But even if such attacks do not materialize, there are plenty of other reasons to heed the prophetic counsel for our day. Build up a reserve of food, water, clothing, and some savings. Live providently and be ready for the troubled times that may be ahead.

Thank goodness we have living prophets in our day to bless us with inspired counsel. I don’t think you’ll regret heading this particular piece of advice, regardless of what you think about Latter-day Saints in general.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

8 thoughts on “Provident Living: Food Storage – One More Reason

  1. Hey Guy–Been stirring up a lot of hornets in the hen-house the last few days. This post, at least, should get fervent “amens”. We’ve been thankful indeed for our year’s supply several times over the past almost 50 years.

  2. Every time they have to turn off the water for water-main repairs, I’m thankful for those 2-liter pop bottles with storage water in them.

  3. Does the prophet also say to keep a little extra money in savings, get lots of sleep, pay your electric bill on time, keep your tires inflated, lock your doors at night, check the oven before you leave for work…what a genius.

  4. This just in: you should all be flossing, too!

    In today’s climate, it’s easy to say storing a lot of food and water is just as logical as paying bills on time, but our food storage emphasis has been mocked for years. We’re talking about more than just a few extra cans of fruit cocktail in the pantry. We encourage a full year’s supply of food when possible. And what was once viewed as crazy is becoming a lot more rational these days. I guess that’s the cool thing about prophetic counsel, eh?

    Glad you’ve got your food storage built up. Get some extra to help your neighbors.

  5. I am employed in national security. I see FBI warnings faxed to me all the time. Now is a GREAT time to get that food storage going. Not trying to incite fear, but just saying; Things could happen here very quickly, and without warning. Best to be prepared for the worst.

  6. One more thing to think about: the dollar is steadily losing value. Gold has jumped over 5% in price in the past few weeks, when purchased in US dollars, but hasn’t changed much for those using euros. It’s because the dollar is weakening. It’s losing about 10% a year against the euro in the past few years. I think putting some savings into not just food storage but also gold, silver, inflation-protected mutual funds, international stocks, international bond funds, etc., might make sense. OK, I’m no financial advisor, but the economy is showing some warning signs, in my opinion. If the dollar tanks, are you prepared?

  7. I have a hard time thinking that so many people either ignore or just dont know how important a food storage supply will be at some point. It doesnt have to be a huge disaster, but a simple job loss which isnt out of the question these days. I have a great source for people wanting to start a food storage or how to use one they already have at Free free to check it our and drop me an email if you’d like.

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