Mormons Advance Modest Prom Attire – Now What About Sumo Garb?

I’m proud of the LDS young women and parents who have advanced the cause of and market for modest attire for proms. Now I’m hoping some of you will turn your fashion skills to the next great challenge for decency: sumo wrestling.

While my boys were checking sports events yesterday, they ran into a televised sumo wrestling event. Yikes – way too much flesh. One American competitor had on some kind of elastic undergarment beneath the traditional sumo thong, but it really didn’t solve the problem. I dream of a day when sumo wrestlers can proudly wear attractive, modest attire so that all of us can watch sumo wrestling without suffering intense distress. And when that problem is solved, maybe we can do something to enhance modesty in body building competitions. Perhaps a full body burqua just thin enough to show rippling muscles?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “Mormons Advance Modest Prom Attire – Now What About Sumo Garb?

  1. Sumo dress precedes Mormon culture and US culture by almost a thousand years-794Ad. It has been part of military and religious training in Japan for that length of time. There is nothing sexual about this wardrobe and in fact plays a huge role in the strategy of this kind of sport. Just because you find a mans behind a bit too racy does not mean 1300 years of history should go by the wayside. Might wish to get your head out of the provebial cultural Utah dirt.

  2. Good for you, man. I think this is a real, important issue… those naked flabby guys in diapers are just too much to bear. It really IS indecent, in my mind.

    How do you propose we get in touch with the Japanese Sumo Commission to get the changes implemented? I am 110% behind you.

    Standing by to fly to Japan!

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