An Expectant Mother’s Remarkable Dream

Today I met with a remarkable LDS woman who just had twin girls. Several months ago, she woke her husband (not LDS) in the middle of the night to tell him about a dream. She had not yet been to the doctor and could not have known that she had twins, but she told him that she knew they would have twin girls. She had seen her two girls in a dream, playing in a field, in a setting that seemed completely real and not like a dream at all. She chose their names that night.

I love how the Lord sometimes blesses us with special dreams that prepare us for the future or help us find answers to our prayers.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “An Expectant Mother’s Remarkable Dream

  1. When my wife was pregnant with our second child, she asked me one day what I thought we should name the baby. As soon as she asked the question, I knew that the baby would be a son and that his name should be William. I told my wife. She was concerned that I was hoping for a son, our first child being a daughter.

    I’m not saying that my son turned out to be John the Baptist or anything. But perhaps there was a reason for his having that name. We told people that we named him after my great-grandfather, who lived to be 101 years-old.

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