Scriptures on Packaging at Wal-Mart

Scriptures on egg cartons? My recent purchase at at Wal-Mart showed that those crafty marketers must know something about American consumers that I failed to notice. Scriptures must sell – at least when it comes to eggs.

Does something seem odd to you about safe handling instructions below a Bible verse?

Anyway, have any of you noticed any other products at major retailers that carry unexpected verses from the scriptures?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Scriptures on Packaging at Wal-Mart

  1. It’s a little different, but In-n-Out has Bible citations on a couple of its products (for example, under the lip of its cups). Of course, we don’t have them on the East Coast, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen any–I know there’s John 3:16, but I don’t remember on which products.

  2. It is usually the brand – not the retailer. Promised Land Dairy in Texas (an organic dairy company with all free grazing animals – and the best tasting milk EVER) has bible scriptures on all their bottles. Im sure there are lots of companies like this.

  3. How about Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread? Haha. I’ve seen those eggs myself, (in fact, I usually buy this brand at Trader Joe’s if only because their x-large eggs are twenty cents cheaper than generic large grocery store brands) and I must say it’s a nice surprise to discover a little scripture soundbite when you open the lid of the carton!

    Also, I realized I didn’t leave my name in the comment I left in your post prior to this one… so, anyway, thanks so much Jeff for your great blog!


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