Over at Mormon Scholars Testify . . .

Though I don’t deserve to be there by any means, MormonScholarsTestify.com includes a contribution from yours truly. If you’ve followed my thoughts in the past, you can imagine that it was difficult selecting just a few areas to discuss when there’s so much I want to say on many issues. I hope my choices were OK, but I left so much out. Naturally, any statement of faith will seem bizarre to those not interested in understanding why others believe, but I hope there might be some useful food for thought for some people.

More importantly, I hope you’ll read some of the statements from the real scholars over there. You’ll see a surprising diversity of thought and experience converging toward some common affirmations. Really an intriguing site, even if they did lower the bar once.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Over at Mormon Scholars Testify . . .

  1. I guess study makes you age, Mitch. The more people read, think, and write, the older we get – every time! Totally bizarre – can't figure out why. Theories welcome.

  2. Jeff, I admire your intellectual capacity. You are not only a respectable Engineer, but you've built a sound understanding of many issues relevant to the faith experience. You're also smart enough to know your limitations and bring in the experts where needed. You have my respect as a scholar and I was rapt to see you on Mormon Scholars testify.

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