Nahom: A Few Added Insights

Here’s a short video clip explaining more of the significance of the ancient name Nahom/Nehem/Nihm (all from the Semitic root NHM) as it relates to the ancient burial place of that name, in the land of the ancient southern Arabian tribe of that name, in the place that fits so well with the description in the Book of Mormon. Nahom, as you’ll recall, is the ancient burial place where Ishmael was buried after Lehi and his family had traveled deep into Arabia going south-southeast just east of the Red Sea. After the burial at Nahom, the changed course and headed nearly due east, which just happens to be a miraculously accurate way to reach one or two highly plausible candidates for Bountiful on the coast of Oman. All part of one of the most interesting aspects of ancient evidence for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. (Another hat tip to Robert.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Nahom: A Few Added Insights

  1. I’ve loved trolling through the seemingly hundreds of videos and thousands of minutes of videos on’s Youtube postings.

    I know your “King Benjamin Speech” post is from three years ago, so it makes no sense to link this to that post, so I wanted to put up another Brant Gardner observation that I wrote about here. Thanks again for the hat tip. I’m honored to ever be mentioned on this blog.

  2. Odd… I could have sworn this wasn’t the first Mormanity post to feature this video.

    Granted, it *is* a good one, though.

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