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Soon I’ll be living in one of the most amazing nations on earth, enjoying the delights of the Chinese language, Chinese food, Chinese ingenuity, and Chinese society. I’m moving to Shanghai, China. I’ll be there for one to two years as I make a dramatic and exciting career change that will later bring me back to the United States. My wife will be joining me there and will be involved with a humanitarian foundation helping children and migrant workers while I work on intellectual property strategy and innovation for a large company hungry to improve, grow, and excel.

Details and photos to follow.

The Chinese firewall may make it difficult for me to post as often as I would like. I’ll also be careful to respect Chinese law regarding proselyting. I’ll participate in a branch for expatriates that the government allows to meet. While organized religion will have limitations, opportunities to serve in other ways are wide open, for human needs are abundant in spite of the incredible prosperity of that beautiful nation. Wish me luck.

Any of you lived in Shanghai? Any advice, tips, etc? If you want to contact me directly, use jeff at jefflindsay dot com.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

16 thoughts on “Moving to China

  1. Oh my, I am jealous. That is exactly the city I've had my eye on for the last what seems like an age. Tell me how to join your family there and I will!

  2. Well, adoption laws are a little different there than here. Let me see what we can do. 😉

    So why the interest in Shanghai? It is a fabulous city, but is it the architecture, the openness, the food, the liveliness?

    There's a sense of freedom there, in spite of some challenges, that makes it really interesting. A bit like the Wild West, only with much better food and far less violence.

  3. Shanghai is a fun place. Beware of Nanjing street which is a huge pedestrian street full of stores. Cute Chinese women will want to practice English with you and then ask to sit down for lunch which they will then promptly leave you with an outrageous bill to pay for. I always practiced English with them but never took them up on any offers for a drink or lunch. Only one cute girl ever flirted with my in the US (my wife).

  4. Ha. I'm not sure I could really be adopted at this age, anyway. But if you have any tips on where I could get a job to get there . . .

    I really want to learn Chinese, and Shanghai is supposed to be gorgeous. I have a friend getting married there in October and I really wish that I were just living there already.

  5. I hope you love your experience, Jeff.

    I sent you an e-mail. Telling you here just in case you read this before you check your e-mail.

  6. Wendy, thanks. Suggestions on dealing with the Firewall? Thinking of using a remote computer with

  7. Will you be able to vote absentee?
    Will you find day to day life similar?
    Please please post lots of photos!!!!

  8. Tip?
    Figure out where the nearest Panda Express is.

    This is going to be an amazing adventure for you and your family. :]

  9. Jeff, congratulations! What great news. Shanghai is a great city (and huge!). Not sure which branch you'll attend; I greatly enjoyed my time in the Pudong Branch when I visited last year.

  10. Wow,you are really going to China.

    I'm excited to know what do you think about my home country. hehe. 🙂

    If people put food on your plate using there own chopsticks…hope you don't mind. Otherwise,just try to make your plate full before they do so. hehe.

    If you tell them you love the dumplings, they might bring you a lot of them the next day to your home…haha, well, it just means that people love you.

    I hope you'll love the people there although you might have to take sometime to get used to their ways of expressing love and care and the way they welcome you.

    Blogger almost never worked there when I was in China, I hope you can still blog.

    Best wishes and hope you'll have a wonderful experience in my home country.:)

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