Met Two LDS Authors Today: John Bytheway and Deborah Pace Rowley

While in Salt Lake today on a short visit, I dropped in to the nearest Deseret Bookstore (11th East on Fort Union Boulevard – south part of town) just to “look.” To my amazement, two wonderful LDS authors were there signing books. John Bytheway, who has long been a source of both entertainment and inspiration, was there with his two incredible collections of stories from LDS pilots, Supersonic Saints: Thrilling Stories from LDS Pilots and Supersonic Saints 2: More Thrilling Stories from LDS Pilots. Had a nice chat with Brother Bytheway and got his signature in a stack of books I’m using as gifts.

Then I met Deborah Pace Rowley, whose most recent book, The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes, is beautifully illustrated and inspired by the story of her father (or was it grandfather?). She’s very eloquent and kindly shared some of her experiences in writing this book. Was glad to buy a couple more gifts and also got another of her books, Family Home Evening for Newlyweds, for some newlyweds to be in my life.

This was a win/win visit. I met some delightful authors of LDS books and got some good gifts, while Deseret Book nabbed a big chunk of my Christmas budget. Ah, the curse and blessing of impulse buying.

I’ll have more to say about these books once I’ve had a chance to read them. But they look great – and I know enough to be confident in giving them as Christmas gifts to some family members.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

11 thoughts on “Met Two LDS Authors Today: John Bytheway and Deborah Pace Rowley

  1. lol mormonism its funny not only bigots but if you don’t believe you’re going to be bombarded by them. i enjoy it but some times i wish they’d go find some one else who they think can be brain washed

    Remeber the same people who told you about santa told you about god


  2. If meeting a couple of hack authors is the most exciting thing in your life right now, I’m sorry you live such an empty life.

  3. Hmmm, did I say anything to imply that the fun of meeting some cool authors was the most exciting thing in my life? It was certainly the most exciting thing in the bookstore today, I’ll grant you that. But my whole life??

    This little event wasn’t even the most exciting of the day. It was an awesome day with intense excitement in going to the Salt Lake Temple first thing this morning and having a tremendous experience. Many other exciting things as well, including some valuable time with family and a dear friend (an ex-Mormon, in fact, with whom I had a very exciting discussion about innovation, business, energy policy and socialism).

    Part of the problem with some of our critics is that they don’t even try to understand different perspectives. There are people who really like books and respect the efforts of those who write them, even if the books are light or humorous. There are people who genuinely enjoy meeting new people and when those people are well known and interesting, and maybe even authors or popular speakers, it can be a bonus. How sad that you would assume that someone who enjoys such experiences must necessarily live an empty life.

  4. This is a great blog. Keep up the good work! I’ll be checking back and forth for updates! God bless!

  5. Careful Jeff, being one of the top LDS bloggers in the world you might want to be careful revealing what you are giving as gifts. You never know if they are watching.

  6. Regarding the world of LDS bloggers, the refrain of one of the most annoying tunes of all time comes to mind: “It’s a small world after all.”

    For me the song is annoying mostly because I couldn’t get it out of my head after my parents took me to Disneyland as a child. Still have occasional episodes after all these years.

  7. It really is a small world. I was in that same book store Saturday (not when the authors were there) and now I find out that I almost crossed paths with one of by favorite bloggers!

  8. Jeff you should announce your next visit to Utah and you will be swarmed with fans.

    You’re so popular some nut job might even plan an assassination :0!

  9. I don’t know if the books mentioned above are on Ebay yet, but I’ve purchased several of Bytheway’s DVD’s on ebay. He’s a great speaker.

  10. The few times I’ve had the opportunity to visit SLC, I’ve also gone to Deseret Books “just to look” and always came away with a few items. You’re right – its good and bad. It would have been way more expensive for me if authors were there, I’m sure 🙂

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