Jump for Joy: Sharing the Gospel (in Taiwan)

Just got a couple photos from my son Benjamin who recently arrived in the Taiwan Taipei Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he is having an amazing time working with the people of Taiwan. I’m thrilled that he is learning Mandarin. Taiwan was my secret wish for where he would go.

The photo above was taken with some of his peers at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah before before leaving to Taiwan. He’s the one on the right. The shot below is with some of the missionaries in the Taipei Mission.

What a choice experience missionary service can be. There are plenty of unpleasant aspects, but for many, the experience on the whole can be a reason to jump for joy. My two years in Switzerland and a piece of southern Germany were incredible – a truly transforming experience for me to see the Gospel in action in the lives of the people we taught. The joy, hope, and meaning it brought to those seeking for something more was a real testimony-building experience. Theory is nice, but the laboratory of a mission can add so much.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

9 thoughts on “Jump for Joy: Sharing the Gospel (in Taiwan)

  1. Jeff, Ask your son if he happens to know an Elder (Gideon) Toman. He is from my ward – returning this summer, I believe. If he meets Elder Toman, tell him to say “Hi” from the DeGraw family – and that Ryan in waiting for his call.

    I know the chances are slim that they will meet each other, but . . .

  2. Good for your son and good for the people of Taiwan. I have two friends who are at the MTC preparing to go to Taiwan, and another good friend at BYU who is from there. I’m not sure how many missions are in Taiwan, but maybe one of my friends will end up meeting or serving with your son.

  3. Interesting…This person is horrified by the “lies” and the “witholding” of information, and yet he is doing the very same thing. In fact, this person says that church claims to be what it isn’t and apparently despises that, and at the same time, he’s “pretending” to have a testimony to maintain callings and the “appearance” of a fully active, temple worthy person, just to keep family members happy.
    Hmmmm…. does the word “hypocrite” come to mind?
    And why would he want to keep family members happy within the deceitful arms of a “cult”, anyway?

    Hmmmm… the word “hypocrite” comes to mind.

    Anyhooooo— AWESOME picture, Jeff! He looks so happy! We still have another 4 1/2 years before our son will leave for a mission. But it’s exciting just thinking about it. (A little nerve wracking too, but exciting nonetheless)

  4. Tracy, thanks! FYI, the extremely long and off-topic rant just before your note (now deleted) was a reposting from a letter on some anti-Mormon sites. Don’t think you are communicating with its author – it’s a hit-and-run threadjack from some anonymous person who thinks the anti-Mormon cause justifies less than courteous behavor. Having no relation to the topic of my post and being excessively long, the threadjack has been deleted.

    For those who wonder, the original author claimed to be lying about his testimony and pretending to be active to keep his wife happy, who didn’t want an apostate for a husband. He blamed the Church for deception and wrecking his life – almost as if the LDS faith were the only religion where people change their minds and cause difficulties with a spouse who wanted a single faith in the home. That’s tough whenever that occurs, and it occurs in many faiths, but accusing the Church of “forcing” someone to be a hypocrite who lies about their beliefs seems less than logical and certainly doesn’t belong here.

  5. I just wanted to comment on what a great blog you have going here. I will be adding you to my blogroll. I love that you have such a great following from members and from those not of our faith.

    Keep it up!

  6. There is a tremendous work to be done in Asia and South Asia. Over a 1.1 BILLION people in India, and even more in China.

    I hope that the church continues to grow quickly in Taiwan and Hong Kong so many more Chinese-speaking missionaries can be raised up to go to China when it opens up.

    If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that there are probably more Chinese in the Americas than in Taiwan.

    However, most of the Chinese people in the Americas are from mainland China, not Taiwan, and not Hong Kong.

    So, in order to raise up even more Chinese missionaries, patranize Chinese restaurants! Give them copies of the Chinese and English Book of Mormon.

  7. Plus Chinese food improves fertility. Mormons eat more Chinese food = more missionaries later. Win/win!

  8. Papa D, he’s heard of Elder Toman but hasn’t met him yet – but his companion knows him. He’ll say hello. Thanks! Small world – only 25,000 miles around the whole thing.

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