JFK’s Comments on the Mormons

In light of the politically motivated insults and innuendo about Mormons these days, now that one is aiming for the White House, it might be helpful to remember the words one former White House dweller had to say about this religion and its people. Not that he was a particularly religious man, but he was a man with a religion that led to doubts and misunderstanding by some fellow Christians. So here’s a video featuring John F. Kennedy talking about the Mormons.

A hat tip to Don K.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “JFK’s Comments on the Mormons

  1. Mormanity said “Not that he was a particularly religious man”

    Why would you judge if a good man like JFK is religious?

  2. It would appear that Kennedy was talking to an LDS audience. So what do you expect him to say, “Thank you for having me here today, you crazy wackos.” Of course he will say nice things. Besides, what does it prove? It proves he could be polite and still cheat on his wife.


  3. Kennedy didn’t have to visit the prophet and the first presidency. He didn't have to come to SLC. Kennedy and Romney didn’t have the kind of relationship it would take to be “paid off” for some grandstanding. During the 1960s I think it is safe to say that Mormons believed that republicans were the only “true party”. Kennedy would never get the electoral votes from Utah, he knew that. So why bother, unless he truly felt what he said.

    What President Kennedy said to the Mormons and to the country about Mormons was well deserved. Kennedy spoke the truth about us, about Mormons.

    While his fidelity issues are regrettable, this kind of argument hardly holds much clout. Fidelity issues have plagued men and women in the church and nationally. Several of our founding fathers also had fidelity issues and some of them kept slaves. Our Father still found them worthy tools to birth our country so that the gospel could be restored.

    I say thank you to President Kennedy for praising the Mormons.

    Vicki LL-L

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