Hello Taiwan!

It’s so exciting when a wild, long-shot wish is granted. I’ve been hoping that my son Benjamin Lindsay would get a mission call to Taiwan. His call to the Taiwan Taipei Mission came today and he’s so excited – almost as excited as I am. Hello Taiwan! What a wonderful language to learn, and what a wonderful people to teach. I’m just thrilled!

My mission was in German-speaking Switzerland, which was an incredible and amazing experience. Would love to live there! But I especially want to spend a lot of time in China some day. This mission call will motivate me to really get more serious about studying Mandarin, which I took for a couple years back at BYU and have tried to keep up over the years – still so far from fluent. But what a fabulous language!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

11 thoughts on “Hello Taiwan!

  1. Congratulations to your son! My parents are in one of two Mandarin-speaking MTC branch presidencies, so there’s a 50-50 chance they will have your son in their branch. They absolutely love it!

  2. My son leave on June 25 for the Taiwan Taichung mission. What an incredible opportunity the Lord has offered these boys to learn a language that will literally change the course of their lives and (given he scope of Elder Ballard’s recent talk), the future of the Church.

  3. Jeff,

    So how did you pull this off? Do the brethren read your blog?!

    Congrats to you and your son!

  4. If your son chose not to go on a mission — eg, he felt slightly ridiculous trying to convert the Taiwanese inheritors of an ancient and beautiful Confucian tradition and culture — could he remain a Mormon in good standing?

  5. I served my mission in Hong Kong. Prior to my mission I majored in Asian studies. I have considerable respect for the “ancient and beautiful Confucian tradition and culture.” On my mission I met with many bright and articulate Chinese people. A few felt the gospel had something to add to their lives. Some felt the prompting of the Holy Ghost and joined the Mormon Church. Never did I try to convert anyone. I did, however, make many close friendships that I treasure to this day.
    btw. I have two brothers who chose not to serve missions. It has not adversely affected their standing in the church.

  6. Congratulations to your son! Three of my siblings served in each area of Taiwan. They told me only the smartest, most capable missionaries get sent there. 🙂
    If you want to brush up on your Mandarin, I suggest the Rosetta Stone CD-ROM.

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