God in the Boardroom

Last week I had the privilege of meeting with the owners of an exciting and very successful business to discuss innovation strategy. One of the well-known lessons that can be learned from their success and the failures of their competition is the importance of integrity. I was impressed but a bit surprised when they showed me their corporate mission statement. Their primary objective was: “To honor God by using our talent, intellectual creativity, and passion to make a positive difference for all those who entrust [the company] to impact their lifework.” Wow. How much better the corporate world would be if all companies were led by people with such values.

Have you seen similar mission statements from other successful companies? I know some real small ones do, but what about larger companies (say, over $50 million in sales)?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

0 thoughts on “God in the Boardroom

  1. Hobby Lobby…which has its corporate office in Oklahoma City has a mission statement very similar to that. They’re one of the only place around where I live that is closed on Sunday [besides Chick-fil-a]…that’s why I work there.

  2. If you mean Mormanity dot com, that’s just one of the standard cybersquatting services with nothing but ads. I’ve got Mormanity.org, though. Was there a different domain you meant?

  3. Yes thats exactly the one I meant. I checked it out and there is some questionable material under the Mormon name.

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