Best Spanish Pro-LDS Websites? Dealing with and Its Resources for Spanish Speakers

Someone asked me a question about Spanish resources being offered on the ever-dangerous website. It has a resources page (I would be crazy to give you the URL) with some Spanish articles and links. Since I’m not very familiar with the Spanish-side of LDS religion, can you suggest to me your favorite LDS resources (PRO-LDS, that is) that I can share with others to fight misinformation on the web? tends to be the #1 search result when you Google “Mormon cult” and is #4 or 5 for “Culta de los Mormones”. That’s unacceptable. With your help, we can do something about that and bring down those Spanish placement numbers. #4 or 5 is way too high for such a pathetic site.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

15 thoughts on “Best Spanish Pro-LDS Websites? Dealing with and Its Resources for Spanish Speakers

  1. More Good Foundation has several sites in Spanish:

    They have several other languages as well:

  2. Couldn't someone simply take the time to translate Jeff Lindsay's LDSFAQ website into Spanish?

    I think its the best website in refuting claims against the LDS Church…

  3. You all know that is a joke site run by jeff right? It's still pretty awesome how quickly you guys responded with good informational sites.

  4. has to be the stupidest site I've ever seen. The 'about the author' page is hilarious but I can see how it would be a damaging thing for people that don't know a lot about the church to see. What I don't get is when people critizice the LDS church as being cultish and then worship in a different church that often has the exact same types of things. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. If you wanted to you could call any orgainzation that has strict rules for membership a 'cult'. Lol.

  5. I'm looking for Spanish lesson help sites. In English there is Are there any Spanish equivalent? Thanks

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