Al Sharpton’s Visit to Salt Lake

Al Sharpton got some heated criticism from pro-Republican voices a couple weeks ago when he made an off-handed remark about Mitt Romney’s faith: “As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways,” he said on the air, “so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation.” It was one of the mildest examples of religious prejudice I’ve seen, so mild I would have hardly noticed it on my own, though it was disappointing. As much as I disagree with his politics, I’m pleased with him for seeking to patch that mistake in his recent visit to Salt Lake City. As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, he has apologized for his comments and has expressed good will toward the Latter-day Saints, who he recognizes as Christians. I think that’s a very positive step. Nice to see some good news occasionally.

While I’ve become a bit weary of some of the anti-Mormon prejudice that has erupted in light of the Mitt Romney campaign, I think most of it pales in comparison to “spitting on the grave” phenomenon we’ve seen by the political and moral enemies of Rev. Jerry Falwell. As a Protestant minister, Rev. Falwell certainly had his disagreements with Latter-day Saints and perhaps had his share of human frailties, and its understandable that people on different political and cultural wavelengths would disagree – but the vile mocking of his life before he’s even been buried and the cruel rejoicing in his death by some of the far-left crowd has revealed some truly ugly anti-Christian prejudice, driven by an almost insane rage. Can you imagine what would happen if right-wing groups viciously gloated in the passing of, say, a left-leaning Hollywood celebrity or politician? The country would be outraged and the errant voices would immediately recognize that such vile behavior is not acceptable in this country. But bigotry seems increasingly acceptable when it is directed to conservative Christians (including Mormons). May it end.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Al Sharpton’s Visit to Salt Lake

  1. During his interview on the Glenn Beck show Al Sharpton’s ingnorance of the Mormon faith was plainly evident. The tone was mostly conciliatory. Kudos to Beck for playing the interview very low-key. I expected a lamblasting from Beck.

    Hopefully the visit to SLC will help to open doors of understanding between the likes of Reverend Sharpton and the LDS people. As this blog has been pointing out lately, Christianity as a whole – Mormonism included – is under heavy assault from pop culture and the main stream. It’s vital for all believing Christians to be able to put aside petty differences in order to unify and support one another during the onslaught.

  2. Honestly, I just didn’t “get” the whole Sharpton visit.

    Sharpton says something negative and unprovoked about the church, someone calls him on it, he “apologizes” by blasting Romney for calling him on it and by telling the press that he’s GOING to call Romney to apologize…tomorrow.

    Then he claims the need to “open a dialogue” with church leaders, then he comes to Utah and…talks about everything on the planet EXCEPT what he said, which was already a closed matter.

    Hey, I’ve been paying my tithing for 43 years and I can’t get a dialogue going with any apostles. So not fair!

    Did anyone see Hannity’s response to Sharpton’s statement?

  3. That’s mild bigotry? What does it normally sound lke?

    And don’t bring up snarky comments left on this blog. Can you point another prominent politician who has said something worse than Sharpton?

  4. Errr.. do we really want someone like Al Sharpton to be our friend? LOL

    If he would convert and change his ways it would be great. But to just stay like he is and be our friend?? I’m thinking no on that.

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